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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thank you 2015! Welcome 2016!

So much has happened during the past year and 2015 is about to come to an end. I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for the enormous support and friendship I have received throughout the year.

I'm happy to say that I had a great year in 2015. I was very close to make it for the short list for the Pan Am games with the horse De Noir. I did have a very successful season on him in the big CDI's.

Marron did great in GP and the highlight was in September when he was second in the CDI GP. Rico did also once again step up to the plate and placed high in the CDI's.

The most fun was when I got invited to ride in Las Vegas. This time it was not a competition but never the less; we did have fun!!!!

My great assistant Anna and I did a pas de deux and we were riding as a cowboy and Indian. The theme was Wild Wild West.

We worked so hard, had great music, cool format and costumes and we did great! To ride in front of thousands of people, that is something special!

To make as much out of the New Year as possible, I'm going to Florida for the winter show circus. I'm traveling with my own GP horse Marron, who sits in 8th place in the ranking for the Olympics in Rio! It's a long way...but!

The other horse I'm taking with me is a mare, Acilla, which belongs to my client. Acilla is a very talented horse and she will go the small tour.

I have also been to Europe a couple of weeks ago to find one more horse and it looks like he might come?

My other great GP horse Cenna will stay home, due to a minor injury. Bad timing!

I have done so much, been so many places, that It's hard to remember all I did...but one thing is for sure: My drive to ride and be successful is as strong as ever.

I'm deeply thankful for all my great clients, the best sponsors, health and happiness, and all that 2016 will bring! What more can I ask for?

Keep you fingers crossed for success in Wellington. Maybe you will be there??

Happy Holidays and all the best of everything in 2016!




(Photo of Mette and De Noir- Victory lap!)

Posted by Anna at 4:34PM

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