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Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to 2017!!

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We left 2016 behind us and are now looking forward to another exciting year.

We did have lots going on even if it might not have shown so much in the end of the year. After a super fun and inspiring Florida show season starting off the year, where I had a really great time, I went back to California and the west coast to finish up with the last CDIs. I had some really great shows and then some of them, my very talented horse, just got too excited. One of many nice things in Florida, was that there were shows every weekend. You could almost be in the show-ring every day of the week if you wanted to. Everyone was there for the same reason and everyone was so eager to do better the next time. The classes were huge! The CDI Grand Prix classes could run all day with 50-60 horse and riders entered. In the evenings you could either enjoy the Freestyles, which were very popular to watch, or you could watch a big show jumping class or a polo game. So many people and so many great horses! So now sitting here in California in 2017 when it rains and rains, I wish I were in Florida with my super horses competing with the best in America week in and week out. Right now, this minute I feel like Cinderella, lusting after my pals and where things are happening.

Being based on the West Coast, we were all very excited that the National Dressage finals were finally going to take place in California. Unfortunately the finals got cancelled and so did the last CDI at Epona Farms, CA. With that said there were no more big shows for the end of 2016.

During the year, a few other big things happened. I was asked to be part of the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts as a presenter. The weekend was very successful and a huge gathering among equestrians of all kinds and with many other well-known clinicians. There were about 100,000 visitors that came through during the weekend of the Affaire!

Regarding my own horses, I sold my beautiful and beloved Grand Prix horse Cenna. She found a lovely home with her new owner and rider Bianca Schmidt in Minneapolis. She left a few days after the New Year and I wish them all the best for the future.

I still have my GP horse Marron whom I'm excited to bring out to the first show of 2017 here in California, at the end of January at LAEC, Los Angeles Equestrian Center. As you already know I decided not to go to Florida this season but to stay on the West Coast and compete at the CDIs here, starting with the one at LAEC in March.

I also have my 7-year-old gelding Fuego who is ready to go out to show as well and I have a new very exciting horse, also a 7-year-old, that just arrived from Europe. I'm planning on bringing both horses into the 7-year-old test as well as developing PSG, aiming for the finals in Chicago.

My junior rider Veronica West is now moving up to Young Riders and rode her first CDI in Las Vegas on January 4th to 6th. We are hoping that Veronica will represent the USA for the European Young Rider trip this year.

For myself, as well as all my other clients, riding everything from lower level and up, I'm hoping for a successful and exciting year for everyone.

My assistant Anna is pregnant with her second baby and due to her pregnancy I have another girl coming in to take over her place while she is having her baby. Anna will still be part of the team even though not as active as she used to, for a little while. I'm hoping that Anna's first baby Isabelle can take care of her little brother, even if she is only two years old so that I can get my un-replaceable Anna back as soon as possible.

There is so much going on all the time that it is hard to, in a snap of a finger, to remember and have time to write it all down. To get this letter out before this year 2017 is over, this is it for now.

Thanks to everyone that supports the team, my horses and me. Thanks to sponsors, clients, friends and everybody else that makes a team go around like; my vet. Leah Forquer-Tobias, Robbie Cozart, my farrier since 30 years back and Greg Ugarte, vet/chiropractor those are all very important to me and my horses.

All the best,

Team Mette

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