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Thursday, June 29, 2017

On the Road

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It's a long way to Tipperary but I'm on the journey and I am really enjoying this long trip!

I didn't have a clue in the early spring that I would fly my horse Marron from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ to ride in the Grand Prix National Finals!

But my trip and travel didn't end there..I was selected to represent America and be on the team in The Nations Cup in Denmark, so off I went!

Without my dear teammate and great friend Katherine Bateson and her funny cool husband Carl I still would have been sitting in Gladstone!!

They had it all organized….so I just followed like a puppy, traveling on trucks, airplanes and trucks again. But following your horse 24/7, you realize what a huge undertaking the whole journey is, and how much the horses has to go through!!

From Denmark I ended up in Sweden where I rode in a big National show last weekend and now I have one more big show in the middle of July, a 5* in Falsterbo, also in Sweden. It's another Nations Cup and I will come, together with my team mates at this show.

Unfortunately we are not together right now and it's sometimes a little lonely without my American friends!!! It's me and my lovely horse.

I stay at a beautiful barn owned by Charlotte Haid Bondegaard and her husband Rasmus. They have been the most amazing people and welcomed me to their home, stable and everything I need with open arms! I can not Thank them enough ,but I have also learned how lost you are without help and support from people who are on their home turf! We all have to remember that!!

Without them I would have been sitting in Denmark still, wondering where to go and how to get there!! I owe you forever!!!!

Tomorrow my Dear friend, judge and trainer Birgitta Bergsten will fly in to help me ride better! Her eyes from the judges point of view is so important !! I treasure her time and input tremendously, I am so looking forward to have her here !!

Cicci Rätz has also been a super good friend and helped me a lot to find things, go places and she also took care of Marron when I had to fly back home to LA.

Without good friends we are all sunk…So to al of you who came to the shows, helped me on my journey here and home..Cory, Mallory, Anna, I can't thank you enough! A blue ribbon is great, but Good friends are Better!

My sponsors…always behind me here or there! A huge Thank You! Triple Crown; Platinum Performance; Custom Saddles; Mastermind ,PS of Sweden; Goode Rider. K9, MDC Stirrups, Heritage Gloves!! I promise you that almost everyday someone is asking a question..where I have to mention your name, brand and my thoughts! Love you all!

As long as there is wind I will always Fly!!


Posted by Mette at 10:05PM

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