Mette Rosencrantz & Marron Win Burbank World Cup Grand Prix Special

Mette Rosencrantz and Marron won the Festival of the Horse World Cup Grand Prix Special Sunday.


Sunday, April 9, 2017

CDI-3* Golden State Dressage

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Cold, strong wind and rain - that was the circumstances to this last CDI show for me, trying out for the National finals in Gladstone in May. The weather was NOT in my favor!!

Marron was better then ever in his GP. Just great!! With that said, when I came into the corner after a great strong extended canter, the wind brought a big dust-tornado-dance right in his face -he stopped dead. No wonder...

I just picked up the canter again, but I never did the flying change: so 0 score. Lost 35 points. Then the one tempies going on the same line, close to the end, he though will that attack me again???? - so I lost the last one tempi. Expensive!!!

The ride was great and so was Marron, but what to do?? One day I might have the luck on my side??? I won - but I wanted the score, that the ride deserved!!!

Chrevi's Ramour, owned by Mette Rosencrantz and Cory Walkey got 76% in his third level test 3. In pouring rain, he once again just stayed with me and pulled of a super test! This horse is so cool. I'm so happy to have this special horse!!! Thank's Cory!!

Connie Davenport and her staff did a great job to keep this show together!! Well done! Everyone here are so helpful! Great footing and with all this rain, a covered arena is the answer! We have to support this CDI show! It's a good one, even if this year was a cold, windy and rainy one! I will be back! Thanks to all of you!

A winter jacket and a rain jacket from Goode Rider for me and my great groom Mallory Schneider, was a blessing!! Thanks for making the best jackets on the planet!!

Also, Tom Mayer is the one that I can count on! Tom is helping me so much and puts his heart and soul into trying to help us all! I'm so Thankful for all the work he does to make my horses feel and be their best! You are truly there for me and my boys!! Thanks! You helped me make it work!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Markel/Cornerstone High Score Amateur

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Big congratulations to Brit and Dobbin, the Markel/Cornerstone High Score Amateur at the Festival of the Horse in Burbank!!

Very proud of Brit Schneeman! Not only is she a great Adult Amateur rider but also a lovely team player! We love having you on our Team! Go Team Mette!!


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Friday, April 7, 2017

Mette Rosencrantz and Marron won the Golden State Dressage CDI3

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MURIETA, California, April 7, 2017–Mette Rosencrantz and Marron won the Golden State Dressage CDI3* Friday for the second victory of the year.

Mette of Topanga, California and the 17-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding she has been competing for two years scored 67.960 per cent. The pair won at the World Cup event in Burbank, California a month ago.

Dressage News article.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

K9 Horse

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You have nothing to blame it on any longer, that you can't get your horse in perfect condition! I use K9Horse to make my horses look fabulous!! They have EVERYTHING you need!!! Visit to read about all their amazing products! For all US riders, Carmel Tack Shop, has a store and an online web shop with K9 products!

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Goode Rider Spring Collection 2017

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Spring is in the air! I love all the clothes from Goode Rider's new spring collection. They are cool, comfortable and well fitted!

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Christmas Came Early Thanks to PS of Sweden

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Christmas came early!!! Thank you PSofSweden you make the best bridles and pads!!! The new double bridle designed by Patrik Kittel and the Flying Change Revolution bridle together with the Preppy Charlie Dressage Pad and as a bonus the candles which smells amazing. I particularly love the one called Winning Round.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Early morning in San Juan Capistrano

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Photo by Terri Miller

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

CDI-3* Dressage Affaire

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The show this past week had so many incredibly talented horses and riders. Some of the very best riders on the West Coast were here competing in the CDI-3* at the Dressage Affaire, San Juan Capistrano. It was a very exciting show in so many ways with great rides and high scores. Unfortunately though we felt that the awards for all the great rides with top placings and hard work that we all put in were maybe not of the caliber one would expect.

I was extremely pleased with both my horses. Ram scored again close to the mid 70s and he is just super! Marron was also really good with maybe one of my best rides so far. He is getting much more relaxed in the show ring and he had two clean Grand Prix tests. As you can see in the last picture, he even made a perfect halt! (Which has been the hardest part in the tests..!) We ended up 4th today in the Grand Prix Special, following Legolas, Nintendo and Breanna. It was a strong field and very close until the end.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome baby Oliver!

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The day after the show at LAEC, my assistant trainer Anna and her husband Paul welcomed their new baby boy into their family. Oliver was born on March 13th at Cedar-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. Both mama Anna and baby Oliver is doing great and his big sister Isabelle could not be more proud. We are hoping that Oliver will love horses just as much as she does!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Here We Go Again!

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The show season here in California definitely got of to a rocky start with lots of rain and quite a few shows canceled. Finally in February we went to San Diego for our first National show for the season. Even there the weather was not really on our side and we got plenty of rain the first day of the show. The rings were pretty wet but ridable so we made the decision to still make it a go. Horses did super well and the score were high! Well respected judges and they all loved my horses. I was very proud and happy about my new horse Chrevi's Ramour, it was his very first show, not only in the US but in his life! He scored close to mid 70's, both days and was just so well behaved! I really enjoy riding this horse and he is progressing every week. Marron had not shown in a long time and even he was really well behaved. He scored around 73% in both his Grand Prix tests and even made all his halts! For him thats a big step! So even though the season didn't started in the way I had planned it to be, the outcome was still really good!

Our second show for this season was last weekend in Burbank at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. This time the show was even more important since it was the first CDI show this year. I again took my two horses Ramour and Marron plus two clients, one in the national devision and my young rider student did her second CDI for the season. Ramour showed the National devision and Marron did the CDI. Again, Ramour was just super cool and won his 3rd level test 3 with 72%, he is still very green so there is room for lots of improvements but still so good in the ring. Marron and I had a really fun show and it was really great to be back at a CDI show. For me, the more pressure, the better I ride! Still, mistakes can happen, and in the first Grand Prix he was so relaxed and I had great readability, sadly we had mistakes in the tempi changes which is normally my best part. We still pulled of a good test and finished 3rd behind Kathleen and Breanna and Charlotte and Nintendo. Our comeback came on Sunday in the Grand Prix Special. Marron did not stand still in the first halt, but besides that the test was super! With the scores of 68.8% we won the class! So fun!!

My student Veronica was the only Young Rider at the CDI show, she did a really good job with good scores and did her first Freestyle ever! Way to go! My other student Brit had her best show so far, in the national amateur devision and won the Dover medal in second level! The weather was hot but not rainy! We really did have a great weekend!

My next show is coming up soon. We go down to San Juan Capistrano for another CDI next week. I will keep you posted and cross your fingers for another great show week!

Even if each show is important the hope and plans are that I will ride in the National finals in Gladstone mid May and after that continue to Europe. You never know if you don't try!

All the best,

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