Mette Rosencrantz & Marron Win Burbank World Cup Grand Prix Special

Mette Rosencrantz and Marron won the Festival of the Horse World Cup Grand Prix Special Sunday.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome baby Oliver!

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The day after the show at LAEC, my assistant trainer Anna and her husband Paul welcomed their new baby boy into their family. Oliver was born on March 13th at Cedar-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills. Both mama Anna and baby Oliver is doing great and his big sister Isabelle could not be more proud. We are hoping that Oliver will love horses just as much as she does!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Here We Go Again!

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The show season here in California definitely got of to a rocky start with lots of rain and quite a few shows canceled. Finally in February we went to San Diego for our first National show for the season. Even there the weather was not really on our side and we got plenty of rain the first day of the show. The rings were pretty wet but ridable so we made the decision to still make it a go. Horses did super well and the score were high! Well respected judges and they all loved my horses. I was very proud and happy about my new horse Chrevi's Ramour, it was his very first show, not only in the US but in his life! He scored close to mid 70's, both days and was just so well behaved! I really enjoy riding this horse and he is progressing every week. Marron had not shown in a long time and even he was really well behaved. He scored around 73% in both his Grand Prix tests and even made all his halts! For him thats a big step! So even though the season didn't started in the way I had planned it to be, the outcome was still really good!

Our second show for this season was last weekend in Burbank at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. This time the show was even more important since it was the first CDI show this year. I again took my two horses Ramour and Marron plus two clients, one in the national devision and my young rider student did her second CDI for the season. Ramour showed the National devision and Marron did the CDI. Again, Ramour was just super cool and won his 3rd level test 3 with 72%, he is still very green so there is room for lots of improvements but still so good in the ring. Marron and I had a really fun show and it was really great to be back at a CDI show. For me, the more pressure, the better I ride! Still, mistakes can happen, and in the first Grand Prix he was so relaxed and I had great readability, sadly we had mistakes in the tempi changes which is normally my best part. We still pulled of a good test and finished 3rd behind Kathleen and Breanna and Charlotte and Nintendo. Our comeback came on Sunday in the Grand Prix Special. Marron did not stand still in the first halt, but besides that the test was super! With the scores of 68.8% we won the class! So fun!!

My student Veronica was the only Young Rider at the CDI show, she did a really good job with good scores and did her first Freestyle ever! Way to go! My other student Brit had her best show so far, in the national amateur devision and won the Dover medal in second level! The weather was hot but not rainy! We really did have a great weekend!

My next show is coming up soon. We go down to San Juan Capistrano for another CDI next week. I will keep you posted and cross your fingers for another great show week!

Even if each show is important the hope and plans are that I will ride in the National finals in Gladstone mid May and after that continue to Europe. You never know if you don't try!

All the best,

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mette Rosencrantz & Marron Win Burbank World Cup Grand Prix Special

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BURBANK, California, Mar. 12, 2017–Mette Rosencrantz and Marron won the Festival of the Horse World Cup Grand Prix Special Sunday.
Mette of Topanga, California and the 17-year-old Danish Warmblood gelding scored 68.824 per cent with David Blake of Cardiff, California on Ikaros second on 68.529 per cent and Kathleen Raine of Murrieta, California on Zuperman third on 66.686 per cent.

Dressage Daily Article

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Down the Centerline

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It was finally time to go down the centerline again! Since the first show in January at LAEC got cancelled we decided to go down to San Diego Horse Park instead, for the CDS Mid Winter Dressage show, and I'm very glad I did. I brought my Grand Prix horse Marron, who has not been out since the beginning of the summer due to a small injury, and I also brought my new horse Ramour out for his very first show.

Ramour is a 7 year old gelding that I bought in the beginning of the year and he has only been in the country for little over a month. I'm very excited about this new horse of mine and I would like to give a special thanks to Cory Walkey who made it all possible! It's a long way to go but it feels like we are of to a great start.

We went down to San Diego on Friday and schooled the horses in the rings. Unfortunately quite a lot of rain came in later that night and also during Saturday morning, so the circumstances were not the best.

However, the sun came out later during the day on Saturday and we were, after all, able to show. Sunday was beautiful all day and the rings were nice thanks to good footing. Marron felt excited to be out showing again but not so excited that he couldn't do his halts. He scored a 72% on Saturday and a 73% on Sunday in the Grand Prix. Even though he was hot I had great ride ability, which is always very important to me.

My new horse was so cool! It was his very first time out at a show and he didn't spook once! He has a lot of energy but also a great head. This turned out to be a very good experience for him. He got a 68% the first day, in a pretty muddy arena, and on Sunday we received a 72% and won the 3rd level test 3.

My student Veronica West and her horse Nobleman were also at the show with me showing her Young Rider tests. They pulled off two really nice rides and were also rewarded; Most Valuable Rider, sponsored by Mary's tack.

I'm always very thankful for all the help and support I get from my team and from my sponsors. It takes a village to make it all run perfect on this level, just the way I want it. Thanks to all the hard work everyone is putting in, the success is there!

I'm now eager to work even harder to make the next show even better, and I'm crossing my fingers the weather will allow me to. Next show will be another national show in Los Angeles at LAEC, first weekend of March followed by a CDI the weekend after. I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully I will see some of you there.

All the best,

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to 2017!!

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We left 2016 behind us and are now looking forward to another exciting year.

We did have lots going on even if it might not have shown so much in the end of the year. After a super fun and inspiring Florida show season starting off the year, where I had a really great time, I went back to California and the west coast to finish up with the last CDIs. I had some really great shows and then some of them, my very talented horse, just got too excited. One of many nice things in Florida, was that there were shows every weekend. You could almost be in the show-ring every day of the week if you wanted to. Everyone was there for the same reason and everyone was so eager to do better the next time. The classes were huge! The CDI Grand Prix classes could run all day with 50-60 horse and riders entered. In the evenings you could either enjoy the Freestyles, which were very popular to watch, or you could watch a big show jumping class or a polo game. So many people and so many great horses! So now sitting here in California in 2017 when it rains and rains, I wish I were in Florida with my super horses competing with the best in America week in and week out. Right now, this minute I feel like Cinderella, lusting after my pals and where things are happening.

Being based on the West Coast, we were all very excited that the National Dressage finals were finally going to take place in California. Unfortunately the finals got cancelled and so did the last CDI at Epona Farms, CA. With that said there were no more big shows for the end of 2016.

During the year, a few other big things happened. I was asked to be part of the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts as a presenter. The weekend was very successful and a huge gathering among equestrians of all kinds and with many other well-known clinicians. There were about 100,000 visitors that came through during the weekend of the Affaire!

Regarding my own horses, I sold my beautiful and beloved Grand Prix horse Cenna. She found a lovely home with her new owner and rider Bianca Schmidt in Minneapolis. She left a few days after the New Year and I wish them all the best for the future.

I still have my GP horse Marron whom I'm excited to bring out to the first show of 2017 here in California, at the end of January at LAEC, Los Angeles Equestrian Center. As you already know I decided not to go to Florida this season but to stay on the West Coast and compete at the CDIs here, starting with the one at LAEC in March.

I also have my 7-year-old gelding Fuego who is ready to go out to show as well and I have a new very exciting horse, also a 7-year-old, that just arrived from Europe. I'm planning on bringing both horses into the 7-year-old test as well as developing PSG, aiming for the finals in Chicago.

My junior rider Veronica West is now moving up to Young Riders and rode her first CDI in Las Vegas on January 4th to 6th. We are hoping that Veronica will represent the USA for the European Young Rider trip this year.

For myself, as well as all my other clients, riding everything from lower level and up, I'm hoping for a successful and exciting year for everyone.

My assistant Anna is pregnant with her second baby and due to her pregnancy I have another girl coming in to take over her place while she is having her baby. Anna will still be part of the team even though not as active as she used to, for a little while. I'm hoping that Anna's first baby Isabelle can take care of her little brother, even if she is only two years old so that I can get my un-replaceable Anna back as soon as possible.

There is so much going on all the time that it is hard to, in a snap of a finger, to remember and have time to write it all down. To get this letter out before this year 2017 is over, this is it for now.

Thanks to everyone that supports the team, my horses and me. Thanks to sponsors, clients, friends and everybody else that makes a team go around like; my vet. Leah Forquer-Tobias, Robbie Cozart, my farrier since 30 years back and Greg Ugarte, vet/chiropractor those are all very important to me and my horses.

All the best,

Team Mette

An extra thanks to my sponsors:
Custom Saddlery
Triple Crown Feed
Platinum Performance
Goode Rider
MDC Stirrups
Heritage Glovs
PS of Sweden
K9 Horse

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Thank You

Thank you Sarah Boothe for your professional help and for always doing a great job! This time you fitted my horse into a super cool saddle that I love! You always know what works!!!!

It's an Everest R by Custom Saddlery. The saddle frees up the shoulder and drops the riders leg! It's so beautiful and it fits like a glove!

Also Thanks To Custom Saddlery for supporting me and always standing behind me and my horses, as well as clients and their horses. There is a saddle for all riders as well as horses and Custom is always thinking forward to make the saddles better! Try them, I promise you and your horse will love it!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Team Mette Winning High Point Awards!

California Dressage Society, LA Chapter, Year End Awards 2016

Mette's assistant trainer Anna Blomdahl and Mette's junior rider student both received prestigious awards during the LA Chapter Year End Award Banquet on December 10th at Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Anna Blomdahl and her horse Lourdes were High Point Champions in Intermediate I Open.

Veronica West and her horse Nobleman were High Percentage Champions in 4th level for JR/YR and High Point Reserve Champion in 4th level for JR/YR

Mette Rosencrantz is of course behind both her students' success and we would like to give big congratulations to the team!

Now we are looking forward to another fun and successful year 2017!!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Equine Affaire

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Thanks to Goode Rider's well fitting, comfortable and good looking clothes, I made it through the cold at the Equine Affair in W. Springfield, MA and I did a great job in front of 500-600(!) people each lesson.

Then I ran into Triple Crown's booth with; as always great and friendly staff, that can always answer any questions you might have, plus they also have the grain you are looking for! I have the best support and I'm so happy to have them both as my sponsors!! Horses and riders - they have it!!! Try it!!!

Over 100,000 people visited the Equine Affair over the weekend! This is huge!!

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Equine Affaire

November 10th–13th West Springfield, MA

It's show time!

Finally the time has come to leave LA and fly out to the Equine Affair in West Springfield, Massachusetts. I'm excited to meet horse lovers from all different disciplines and all the great trainers that will come to be part of this exiting weekend! There is so much to see, learn and discover.

The team that has worked so hard to make this event has been fantastic. I'm sure this will be an event that you can't miss! Check out their website where you will find everything you need to know.

Hope to see you there!

Mette Rosencrantz

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Congratulations to Anna Blomdahl and Veronica West for a great show year! Intermediate 1 Open and 4th level JR Champions! Go Team Mette!

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2016 CDS L.A. Chapter Year End Awards

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